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My Brother's Hands

A Novel by Paul Barile

The first time Peter Campbell’s palms burst into flames was at the old Rialto Theater on Whitley Avenue. The flames didn’t last very long—just enough time to scare Betty Croney halfway out of her furry, pink angora sweater. She launched her buttered popcorn container over the chair in front of her as she leapt from the padded seat.

Published October 2015, paperback 248p (ISBN 978-09847142-4-7) $14.99, order here

Chicago polymath and playwright Paul Barile's first novel is a hilarious, charming and infectious tale of inflammatory hands, gospel songs and traveling circuses. It tells the story of Peter Campbell as he tries to negotiate his life endowed with a rare affliction. He encounters a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, snake oil salesmen and honest folk, false gods and true, battling prejudice and selfishness as he attempts to find a path through life's maze.


Published October 2015, paperback 248p (ISBN 978-09847142-4-7) $14.99

Published October 2015, paperback 248p (ISBN 978-09847142-4-7) $14.99