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Hot off the press

Latest news from Lexographic Press...

We have a busy fall 2017 publishing schedule... with three contrasting books.

Just published is a book we are delighted to have - the first english translation of Sebastian Steiger's remarkable account of The Children of Château de la Hille.

This all-new edition tells the extraordinary story of 25-year-old Steiger who came over the border from Switzerland to teach children escaping the Nazi's in an old château at the foot of the Pyrenees. There over 100 children grew up, played, scraped an existence against the odds and eventually escaped from occupied France. Their stories are remarkable.

"Spellbinding.... an extraordinary chronicle."

With over 50 photographs from the time, these stories come alive, with extracts from some of the kids' journals, and detailed lists of what happened to the children - spoiler alert, most survived!

The book is now available for personal order here, for bookshops, libraries, museums and other institutions, get in touch here for volume discounts.

In the pages of this book you can listen breathlessly as the police invade the chateau to try to find the teenagers’ (always fair game to the Nazis) hiding place and turn them over to the SS. At first Steiger himself couldn’t find the hiding place until he was shown. Though comparisons to Anne Frank’s diary are apt, a better comparison is to Margo Minco’s Bitter Herbs, for her father had prepared an emergency exit and practiced her escape. She survived.

Nathan Szajnberg, MD
San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis; 
Former Freud Professor, Hebrew University, Israel.


The Children of Château de La Hille

"Spellbinding...comparisons with Anne Frank's diary are extraordinary chronicle"

"Wonderful stories of endurance."

"An irreplaceable testimony."