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Angle of Attack second print!

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We are delighted to announce we have had to go to press on our second printing of Angle of Attack. The first print run sold out in two months and so we're getting busy with the second run.

It should be back in stock by 1 December in time for the holidays.

Make sure you order your copy now to avoid disappointment.

If you enjoyed the book please leave us a comment below, or give us a more extensive review there if you feel moved! 

Thanks again, and happy holidays.


New Piloting and Aeronautics book off to press

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We are delighted to finally send off to press a book we've been working on for nearly two years. Published in association with Aviation Press, The Complete Handbook on Piloting and Aeronautics is the most comprehensive book available (or will be at the end of September!) on the subject.

Arthur Torosian has put a lifetime's knowledge and experience into a 650 page volume, with over 700 diagrams on every aspect of flying, aeronautics, physics and piloting, covering the basics up to the most advanced flying issues. 

Potential accidents and incidents are examined as are all major aircraft incidents, analysed in detail. Chapters on Take Off and Landing, of course, as well as important topics such as Wind Shear, Cold Weather issues, basic Trigonometry and Flutter, sit along side clear prose to explain complicated concepts in the most straightforward manner.

The book has been a labor of love for writer and design alike and we are pleased to get it finally into print. Because it's not a Lexographic Press publication the book is available to purchase from this website here where there is also a lot more information about what's in the book.

It's a book we're incredibly proud of, so please check it out.

Lexographic Novelist in the news

james sparling

Paul Barile on My Brother's Hands in My Suburban Life

Berwyn native Paul Barile has appeared in several television shows and commercials, as well as written and directed many plays and films. But of all his accomplishments, he’s most proud of publishing his first novel, “My Brother’s Hands.”

“This is something I did by myself – it’s just me,” he said. “It’s my work and my ideas. It’s a bucket list thing and a gift to my dad. No one can ever take this away from me. I’ve always wanted to write, and now, my stories are being told.”

The book, which Barile describes as “magic realism,” takes place in contemporary times and tells the story of Peter, an ordinary teen who one day discovers he has incendiary stigmata, but instead of blood, he shoots fire from his hands.

read the full story here